suddenly, their trip was over.

(first test of a Saturn S-II-T booster rocket, Mississippi Test Facility, 1966)

"LSD was, in the Grateful Dead world, a catalyst. For Lesh the highest he would ever get was during the Dead's 1966 sojourn in Los Angeles, when he and his love, Florence, Garcia and his lover, Diane Zellman, and a friend called "Heddie the Witch" went to a canyon on Mount Wilson and experience telepathy. Information came in extraordinarily fast bursts, ten minutes of material exploding into each brain in a few moments. It would be the closest Lesh would ever feel to Garcia off the stage, and it staggered him. They were well and truly connected. And then a test rocket at the nearby Rocketdyne facility exploded through the sky, severing their gestalt. It was, Garcia said, 'a reality butt splice.' Suddenly their trip was over. 'Sorry, kids. Go home.'"

- Dennis McNally, "A Long Strange Trip: The Inside History of the Grateful Dead"

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