a non-habit forming, simple spinning dreambox

Gysin was approached by various large companies, including the electronics giant, Philips, sniffing around the patenting possibilities of the machine which he and Sommerville had effectively invented out of nothing. ‘When I told them that it made people more awake,’ said Gysin later, ‘they lost interest. They were only interested in machines and drugs which made people go to sleep.’

If the Dreamachine is real, a non-habit forming, simple spinning dreambox that is capable of inducing a drugless high, why is it not available in your local department store? The answer would seem obvious. Look at the Financial Times and you will see that osome of the biggest companies in the world are chemical giants: I.C.I., Bayer, Hoffmann La Roche. Go to your G.P. and tell him that you are ill, and what will you get? Drugs. Seek a path out of everyday trivial reality and what will you be offered? Drugs. Drugs and their accompanying paraphernalia (and I include most doctors as an integral part of the paraphernalia) generate far more money in a drug dependent world.

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