the quake-ridden air

once i was tripping with a good friend in berkeley, and we were sitting in her very small bedroom when an earthquake hit...first, we just thought it was the acid, but then we realized the house really was moving when stuff started falling down. we ran to the doorway, and stood there for about 20 minutes, before we realized we were being stupid.then we sat and wrote about our experiences:

Back wehre we started in the feral quake ridden air. My neck and jaw are very tense and my eyes are watery and i'm awake and yet another large part of me longs for sleep.
Another part of me longs for food.Lots of food. FOOD NOW! Moo.

I keep waiting for something and it's not going to happen so why can't i just go to sleep? where is GODOT when you need him? waiting for an AP basketball card? YES!

My lip is so rubbery. MnhMy lhlhnlip bhbhis shslssoooooo phlrubbery.

I am a sticker
I am forgotten
I feel smoke from earlier this evening burning in my lungs...it's choking me I have to swallow a lot to keep it away.

The lines on the bed are glowing weirdly. I'm going to hug my bear now.

Suddenly I feel so alone, without my bear here! Why did i think i could hug my bear? "he was a hairy bear, he was a scary bear" he wasn't there.

It's all been said twice before. A year ago arlene said the same thing. What _is_ it? and why is it following me? and why WHY won't it let me write in peace? It's called Alina in Hawaiian, but for now "it" sounds good to me.

Arlene says "THE THING" "I AM THE THING"

*so like, here's the thing...


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