Addicted to triple c

She couldn't walk. She would get up to walk and she, she couldn't literally walk. It's like a robot. She couldn't even stand up. She couldn't think, she couldn't remember anything. You'd talk to her, she couldn't remember what you said two minutes before. And then you'd have to start all over again. And this went on for hours. We had her at the kitchen table for hours. And you don't know what to do. You don't know what to give 'em to counteract what's happening to them. You know, a person gets drunk, you feed 'em coffee, you know? Give 'em a couple of slices of bread. There's nothing you can do but let this thing wear off. And then, she didn't sleep - Triple C kept her awake. They don't sleep, they don't eat. And it goes on for hours, I guess, and it doesn't leave the body as quickly as you think it does. 'Cause the next day, she still wasn't right. It took days. (DXM Stories)


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