Psychededlics issue cover by Maggie Lee, 5-2011

Vice: When was the last time you ate some of the Devil’s Paper?
Maggie Lee: I was taking Ambien and I accidentally took some acid—so I accidentally took acid in my sleep. I woke up and there was N2O, fruit candy, and chargers all over my floor. I had to go to Sheepshead Bay at 9 AM for a doctor’s appointment because I had gotten in a bike accident and fell on my arm. I was still tripping when I got to the doctor’s office.

V: Did you have any fucked up dreams?
M: I think I stayed up all night. All I remember is everything being really warped and enhanced. Staying up on Ambien, even if acid is involved, is quite a forgettable experience.

V: The fashion shoot that accompanies our cover, “Dealer’s Delight,” is pretty great. What did you have in mind, just a couple of babes tripping? Or is there a deeper narrative?
M: Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. It’s about naive girls tripping and being taken advantage of by a naughty dealer.

V: Taken advantage of in a “this acid sucks” sort of way, or in a rapey way?
M: A rapey way.


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