Acid for Christmas

For the month of December, Acid Age is offering On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States at a special reduced price, with 50% of each purchase going to MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

On Acid is a 100-page field report on psychedelics, drugs and drug culture, compiling research from the Acid Age blog and new interviews with notable contributors to contemporary psychedelic culture: Hamilton Morris, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, and Arik Roper. On Acid documents archival material by key historical figures including Antonin Artaud, Philip K. Dick, Rodney Graham, Carsten Holler, William James, Timothy Leary and Marcia Moore.

MAPS is a non-profit research and educational organization that helps scientists design, fund and obtain regulatory approval for studies of the safety and effectiveness of a number of controlled substances. Included in MAPS' efforts are research on MDMA for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, LSD and psilocybin for the treatment of opiate addiction, and alternate delivery systems for marijuana such as vaporizers
and water pipes.

Give acid to someone you love this Christmas. And help support scientifically-controlled research in controlled-substance therapy.

Buy On Acid: A Field Guide to Altered States for $10


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