we roamed the city in the fog

Who on SDR has eaten RAW Crystal LSD.

I have, and i'm just wondering who else around has.

I did it with friends at the Merry Time Hall during a Wailers show back in 96. We had a bindle of about 1000/1500 mcg worth of LSD. We poured the crys into a juicy juice and shared it amongst our self's (there was five of us). What a trip I had. The Brother Hood of Light was there doing the lighting and oil projections. The entire interior of the hall was washed in multi colored oil projections which were done by several guys (who look as high as me and my friends) on over head projectors and were manipulating the bowls of oil and water by hand. There was also some cool screens going with video visuals. And the sound was fucking intense, there was literally more bass bins there then at a lot of the raves I've been too. I swore for a minute (or two) that Bunny Wailer was Bob Marley.

after wards we roamed the city in the fog. One of the best nights of my life.

If any of you have any stories of which contain the use of a shit load of acid or rare psychedelics that will be cool to hear too.

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