ghetto freaks

To take the man's poontang, don't miss Ghetto Freaks!

Ghetto Freaks is a mother of a film. They tried to stop it, censor it, water it down but it didn't happen baby, the man lost. Ghetto Freaks comes on strong and tells it like it is. A ghetto commune where color doesn't stop the freaks from doing their weird, shocking initiation rites, night after night.

They were wild, free and beautiful. And they all did the weird bidding of a black leader. He took the man's woman, and made them all sisters, and they kept begging for more. A sweet, funky black chick is all he wanted, but a freaked out white chick in a dashiki blew his mind.

This is where it's happening, baby, in the main city, and the main thing is getting your thing on, no matter what. Do it! Ghetto Freaks makes you want to do it right now. Ghetto Freaks isn't a film about how to show the man your ass, but what to do with his.

Groupies, long hairs and jesus freaks all under one roof and they raised hell, and when the going got rough and the bread short, they put the chicks on the street and brought all their money to the leader, the head freak.

He was a saint to this family of freaked out sex-starved white chicks, and he showed them how to get their kicks where their cracker lovers left off. Shake it, fake it, but MAKE it baby. Do your thing - and make the man think you're doing his.

They were busted, beaten, taken down town, and that's where the black chicks made you proud you're black. Then they busted out of Harlem and set the city on a freaked-out, sex-starved weekend that ended in blood, crime and murder. Ghetto Freaks is the picture that explodes on the screen with the shocking, brutal facts of taking over a white commune and turning all the brothers into black sex saviors.

If you want to see a film that will make you come alive when you step out on the street, a film that makes every sensuous part of you react with a new sensation, don't miss Ghetto Freaks. See Ghetto Freaks and feast your eyes on some of the grooviest out-of-sight commune chicks and their sex-starved commune brothers.

Every society chick wanted to join his family just to get in on the integrated action. Blue eyed devils didn't mess with this brother's thing, or they'd find their ass hung high and waving at the goddamed breeze. That's right, baby, they didn't let anything stop them in the man's take from the blacks and use for their white ass's world. Don't miss Ghetto Freaks coming to this theater, with full approval from the Third World.

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