ok guys my medication is kicking in and i'm getting sleepy... watching south park until i fall asleep <3 goodnight xoxo

so i fried both of my phones last night after spilling drinks in my purse... FML.... people who need to contact me, just email.

yup kill the taste of poison with another poison lol

i've swallowed piss... and i'd rather that than vodka

i drank all the whiskey in my room and i'm stuck with grey goose... i count to 5 and then swallow just like medicine...

I took a jumbo sleeping pill and slept all day lol... I loved it. Finally sleep!

i look like horse douche lol... the video would be embarassing... the dentist destroyed me... tomorrow??

Weird to be at the Vegas airport and not extremely drunk or not extremely hungover lol

i havn't eaten yet... i'm thinking starbucks this morning :)

yep 3 small doses a day to keep me normal

i took all my meds... much better! thanks :)

xanax... goodmorning? lol

first i can't have a glass of wine with dinner on saturday and now i'm mean because i hate theme parks? calm down.

I've decided to not do any heaving drinking until the Caribbean in 2 weeks and just be really healthy and heal my ulcers :)

today... Anddd then! My shrink appointment! My first one... I hope I dont scare him away!

At least I have my bunny to cuddle with.

(April 11-15)

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