Black Rainbow Bracelets

Kandi bracelets have been an integral part of rave culture since its 90's heyday - often worn by rave attendees known as Kandi Kids. "The defining part of a Kandi Kid's appearance is their wearing of many homemade bracelets made of plastic beads, known as Kandi. The bracelets are often given as gifts to remember past raves and commemorate new friendships. Kandi Kids are also known (and sometimes identified) by their brightly colored style. They are often found wearing bright clothing depicting "trippy" designs, as well as cartoon characters, hair extensions or hair falls, fake dreadlocks, childlike attire, chew toys laced on string around their necks, fuzzy gators (loose legwarmers), visor hats, hair clips and much bright makeup." (Wikipedia)

In honor of their 2011 Black Rainbow Tour, CCC have commissioned custom Black Rainbow bracelets in a limited run of 100.

Bracelets are available at CCC gigs or by contacting Acid Age.

The Black Rainbow tour and bracelets are named after a track by Psychic TV from their influential 1990 acid-house LP Towards thee Infinite Beat. To pay respect to the influence of Psychic TV on their creative praxis CCC offers their re-edit:

Psychic TV - Black Rainbow CCC by CCC

CCC on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/c_c_c

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