Amanita Satana Diabolus

Gagosian Gallery Paris is pleased to announce an exhibition of unique precious objects by Victoire de Castellane. De Castellane’s highly original collections for Dior have redefined and revivified haute joaillerie for a new generation. With Fleurs d’excès, she has gone further to create unique works that recall the jeweled obsessions of times past, such as the mechanical nightingale of Hans Christian Andersen’s children’s tale, Fabergé eggs, and the fabulous “bestiaries” of animals real and mythic.

Hallucinatory drugs and their promise of mind-expansion have fascinated and inspired artists the world over. De Castellane’s flowers are intoxicating, but also dangerous because of the poisons that they secrete. Here they personify the Romantic idea of women “under the influence” in a compendium of phantasmagorical specimens with faux-classificatory names, such as Heroïna Romanticam Dolorosa and Crystalucinae Metha Agressiva.


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