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Acid Test

It's completely gone before, but every few years, pushing the modulated chirping of the Roland 303 again reinforced in our brain convolutions. A classic story of the house, always good for a few surprises. Acid Test is the sublabel of Absurd Recordings, Los Angeles, which stands for some good time with selected publications and even sprayed covers. It is a modern, not necessarily retro-facing use of the 303-bubbling sound.

There are no rules, the bass line should be but not necessarily how to use the ax in the forest, say, e-guitar solos even as Genre classics from the '90s One looks in vain. For this wonderfully diverse authors Acid (which goes off anyway) as Tin Man, the end of June will release his album Neo Neo Acid. By Eddie Richards tonight also plays one of the first acid-UK DJs and make Idjut Boys anyway, what they like: namely Psychedelic House.


instant drunk

The WAHH Quantum Sensations spray delivers approximately 0.075 ml of alcohol liquid in the form of micro-particles and reportedly simulates the sensorial pleasure of alcohol, giving the user a brief moment of light-headedness and distraction. Harvard professor David Edwards came up with the idea of using his micro-particle spraying technology to distribute alcohol after meeting with Philippe Starck and discussing the possibility of recreating the positive sensations associated with drinking – but without the drunkenness and negative health implications. The result is a spray which contains tiny amounts of alcohol, that can be sprayed directly into the mouth or onto food.

Each WAHH Quantum Sensations spray holds two milliliters of liquid and delivers 20-25 actuations which include 0.075 ml of alcohol in the form of micro-particles. When sprayed into the mouth this is said to produce a slight light-headedness which passes almost immediately, leaving users with the taste and memory of an intense sensation. The aim was to provide the same agreeable sensation as comes with a sip of alcohol, but without the risk of becoming drunk.


Acid88 - Visual Diary


Acid Stonehenge

Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, and Gram Parsons at Stonehenge, on acid. Photographs by Michael Cooper 1968.

"We started off very early from some club in South Kensington; set off about two or three in the morning in Ketih's Bentley. And we walked across a sort of track to Stonehenge in order to approach it in a properly reverent manner, and watched the dawn come up there. And we were all gibbering with acid." --from Keith Richards, Life


l$d - don't smoke my blunt bitch

we did this song in 10 minutes and the video in under an hour... TRIPPY



5 hours

bad things that could happen


let's never be creative again


RIP Bob Welch

"You begged me to sit in a tub of that other shit and I said naw. I refused to sit in any liquid that was not water. But Out of RESPECT for you and the artist you ‘appear’ to be, I Didn’t wanna kill your concept , wanted u to at least get it out of your head . After all, u spent your dough on studio , trip to Dallas etc.." Erykah Badu



know your salts

2012: The Bath Salt Crisis

The drug is manufactured by street chemists and sold in convenience stores or online, often legally. Sellers were able to sell the drug legally since its emergence in 2009 by marketing the substance as either bath salts or “plant food” or “insect repellant,” and stipulating “not for human consumption” on the label. "If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and Ecstasy and put them together, that’s what we’re seeing sometimes,” Mark Ryan, the director of the Louisiana Poison Center. Users experience a mix of physical and psychological symptoms. The stimulant can cause excited delirium and severe hallucinations. Users can become violent and suicidal. People often experience a super-human strength, and long-lasting euphoria or paranoia, reports say.

'Bath Salts': Officials Say Drug Was Behind Miami Cannibal Attack

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