Acid Test

It's completely gone before, but every few years, pushing the modulated chirping of the Roland 303 again reinforced in our brain convolutions. A classic story of the house, always good for a few surprises. Acid Test is the sublabel of Absurd Recordings, Los Angeles, which stands for some good time with selected publications and even sprayed covers. It is a modern, not necessarily retro-facing use of the 303-bubbling sound.

There are no rules, the bass line should be but not necessarily how to use the ax in the forest, say, e-guitar solos even as Genre classics from the '90s One looks in vain. For this wonderfully diverse authors Acid (which goes off anyway) as Tin Man, the end of June will release his album Neo Neo Acid. By Eddie Richards tonight also plays one of the first acid-UK DJs and make Idjut Boys anyway, what they like: namely Psychedelic House.

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