Glenn O'Brien: Where did the concept of the group come from?
Florian Schneider: We started with amplified instruments and then we found that the traditional instruments were too limited for our imaginations.
Ralf Hutter: We couldn’t really say what we wanted with keyboards – so from there we amplified feedback. Then in the early ’70s we dreamed of this electronic orchestra.

Do you play with tapes and programmed segments?
RH: We have pre-programmed tapes, some cassettes from time, we also have automatic music machines where we can reprogram during the set different codes and sequences, melodies and rhythms.
Were you pop fans in the conservatory?
FS: Yes, we listed to every music. We liked the Doors. But also exotic music, ethnic music.

You don’t have moral ideas. Do you have political ideas?
RH: We strongly believe in anarchy and self rule.
What do you think of the German Anarchists, the Baader-Meinhof group?
RH: It’s not anarchist. When I say “anarchy,” I mean no outside rule. I don’t rule you, you don’t rule me. I rule myself. These people are not using the term anarchy correctly. They are pressing, putting pressure.
Do you think the Sex Pistols are using the term correctly?
FS: I’m not familiar with them. I’ve only heard the title, ‘Anarchy in the U.K.’

Glen O'Brien/Kraftwerk 77

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