Industry Tape

"i acquired this tape before the turn of the century at a rave in houston, texas. the recording features the two biggest 2nd gen chicago house djs playing a 2x4 tag team vinyl set on psilocybin." (DJ Harry Bennett)

Live @ Industry with Derrick Carter on 4 decks by dj sneak





"I like listening to music tripping, cos it's the only way I can get out of that musician mentality where you're thinking about how it's constructed, what equipment they're using. You just feel like a sad bastard when you do that, and the only way to turn that off and to stop taking it apart is to be totally off your head." (Richard D. James)

Drunk vs. Stoned

According to the press release, "Drunk and stoned can be seen as metaphors for two different approaches to making art."

The stoned sensibility is easily fixated, fascinated, or surprised. Stoned meanders, fills in space with small or repeating marks and gestures, or gets super-focused. It loves spirals, circles, and patterns, bright colors and endlessly embellished areas. It's located more in the fingers than the arm; the eyes, not the gut. While it's physically tingly, it's also very out-of-body. Stoned is prone to being anal-retentive.

The drunk sensibility is more outward, uninhibited, turbulent, impulsive, and clownish. It's romantic, occasionally morose, likes to share feelings, and isn't afraid of sloppy emotions. Globally speaking, Europe is more drunken than the United States, which had been drunk in the early 1980s, sobered up in the '90s, but may be flirting with getting stoned again. Asia and South America seem stoned to me. Africa, as Okwui Enwezor said, is "psychotic." (Jerry Saltz)

Tyson Reeder, Serpent 2003
I will walk in the city over the course of seven days, under the influence of a different drug each day. My trip will be recorded through photographs, notes, and any other media that become relevant.

May 5 ... Spirits (1)
May 6 ... Hashish (2)
May 7 ... Speed (3)
May 8 ... Heroin (4)
May 9 ... Cocaine (5)
May 10 ... Valium (6)
May 11 ... Ecstasy (7)

(4) Feeling of inner warmth which helps me break the ice and feel attuned to the place. A sequence of frozen images as I walk along the danube. The effects fade fast, but they return at the end of the day. Difficulty breathing at night.

(7) Visual brightening and erotic impulses. My shoes move and I feel the urge to walk out. Everything I turn to moves, not physically but conceptually. I feel like the epicenter of the world.

(Francis Alÿs)


a higher insight

In the Chronik zu seinem Leben contained in the Kritische Studienausgabe, we read about the devastating effects the relationship to Lou Salome had on Nietzsche: "In December, the crisis in the relationship to Lou and Rée becomes more acute. The specifics of this crisis have only spotty documentation. Suicidal thoughts. The abuse of narcotics." Nietzsche's draft letter from Rapallo dated December 20, 1882 confirms this observation as it enacts the masochistic, destructive drama that was unfolding: "Tonight I will take so much opium that I will lose all reason," and then arrives at a "higher insight" in his relationship to Lou by way of an enormous dosage of opium taken "out of desperation."

on theatre

"This day I had strong and elevated feelings again, and if I could have music and art, I know very well what music and art I would not like to have, namely, the kind that tries to intoxicate its audience and drive it to the height of a moment of strong and elevated feelings...

What would those people know of 'higher moods' were there no intoxicating substances and whip-lashes of ideals! - and so they have their inspirers as they have their wines. But what is their drink and their drunkenness to me! What is wine to the inspired! He looks instead with a sort of disgust at the means and the mediators that are supposed to produce an effect without sufficient reason - aping the high tide of the soul!...

What do the Fausts and Manfreds of the theatre matter to someone who is himself like Faust and Manfred? - whereas the fact that such figures are brought about on stage is certainly something for him to think about. The strongest thoughts and passions are therefore presented before those who are capable not of thought and passion - but of intoxication! And the former as a means to the latter! And theatre and music as the hashish-smoking and betel-chewing of the European! Oh, who will tell us the entire history of narcotics? -It is nearly the history of 'culture,' our so-called higher culture!" (Friedrich Nietzsche)


"Addicts are," he said with finality, "as boring a bunch of people as I ever encountered. They've got this one track mind." I recall being told that they sat and stared at T.V. for hours. Burroughs sighed, "That they do. Billie Holiday said that she knew she was cured when she stopped looking at T.V."

Richard Evans Schultes' name came up. Burroughs said, "Know him well. We took a trip to South America together. He has a definite disagreement with the attempt to eradicate cocaine there. He says that it doesn't hurt them at all. That's what Dick Schultes says. I think it must cut off the circulation in the gums. That's what does it. Teeth fall out. It's a disgusting habit, I think. Just physically. I tried it. All it did is freeze up my mouth. No systemic effect. It seems like a waste of time to me." (William S. Burroughs, 1978)

trip to Australia


Was that a vision? What happened to me?

"Had a transcendental storm of colour visions today in the bus going to Marseilles. We ran though a long avenue of trees and I close my eyes against the setting sun. An overwhelming flood of intensely bright colours exploded behind my eyelids: a multi-dimensional kaleidoscope whirling out through space. I was swept out of time. I was out in a world of infinite number. The vision stopped abruptly as we left the trees. Was that a vision? What happened to me?" (Brion Gysin, 1958)


Poor Man's Acid

"The canvas depicts the titular deities lounging in a meadow. Venus looks forward while Mars lies beside her, apparently asleep...Recently, however, art historian David Bellingham came to a different conclusion. He noticed that Botticelli painted a fruit in the bottom right-hand corner of his canvas that looks a lot like datura stramonium, a plant that's also known as 'poor man's acid.'"

Berlin Acid War

The Terrorist Wore Versace

"We found injections containing traces of cocaine and LSD left behind by the terrorists and later found drugs in their blood. There was also evidence of steroids, which isn't uncommon in terrorists.

"These men were all toned, suggesting they had been doing some heavy training for the attacks. This explains why they managed to battle the commandos for over 50 hours with no food or sleep."

The Vomiter

The Acid Head War

“About the present state of England he imagined he had no illusions. When the Acid Head War broke out, undeclared, Kuwait had struck at all the prosperous countries. Britain had been the first to suffer the PCA bomb - Psycho-Chemical Aerosols that propagated psychomimetic states, twilight ruptured its dark cities. As a nunsacs official, he could guess the disorder he would find there." (Brian Aldiss, Barefoot in the Head)



American Alchemist

"There are no casual experiments."


Madame Bovary

“Emma Bovary was apparently a grand self-medicator. Like others before her, she experienced the dangers of a belle ame: raptures that cut her off from reality, hallucinated plenitude and pure communication, a kind of hinge on transcendental telepathy. Everything she tried out – religion, reading, love rushes, getting dressed in the morning, had hallucinogenic, analgesic, stimulating, or euphorizing effects upon her. She would also experience tremendous crashes. The peak of drugs, as of love, was for her telepathy, a communication over distance….Shit was happening. God’s fundamental breakdown, His out-of-serviceness and withdrawal from the scene, meant she had to replace the emptiness with a symbolic authority. That’s when the panic set in, the emergencies that invaded the entire scene. Nothing else mattered; she needed her dose, and she started responding like an addict to the alarm signals proliferating around her, She didn’t care what she took.”






Nervous Xians/The Devil Does Drugs

"at one point i had the twelve inch but i actually traded it to charka d in lubbock for a ten strip of lsd probably around age 17. as i recall it was before i went to student government camp and i took 5 hits and tripped for 2 days." (DJ Harry Bennett)