I will walk in the city over the course of seven days, under the influence of a different drug each day. My trip will be recorded through photographs, notes, and any other media that become relevant.

May 5 ... Spirits (1)
May 6 ... Hashish (2)
May 7 ... Speed (3)
May 8 ... Heroin (4)
May 9 ... Cocaine (5)
May 10 ... Valium (6)
May 11 ... Ecstasy (7)

(4) Feeling of inner warmth which helps me break the ice and feel attuned to the place. A sequence of frozen images as I walk along the danube. The effects fade fast, but they return at the end of the day. Difficulty breathing at night.

(7) Visual brightening and erotic impulses. My shoes move and I feel the urge to walk out. Everything I turn to moves, not physically but conceptually. I feel like the epicenter of the world.

(Francis Alÿs)

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