the test

I was deeply asleep about five am when I heard an enormous knock at the front door of my house. With my eyes closed, I managed to open the door. I was immediately greeted and awakened to Keith's sense of humor. "What the fuck are you doing sleeping while we are working our asses off and just drove one hundred miles to visit you?" "OK, " I said, "I'm up. Just let me wash my face" and I grabbed orange juice for myself and handed a bottle of Jack Daniel's to Keith. At once he inserted a cassette in the deck of the stereo of some reggae music, at full blast of course, and it was party time. Within a few moment I asked Keith and Ronnie if they would care to join in a wake-up toast. I was holding in my hand a one-ounce bottle of Merck, went into the bedroom, reached for a painting framed in glass and decided to play a game of my own devising.

One of my biggest pleasures has always been the ritual of opening a sealed bottle of cocaine. Just looking at it staring at it, breaking the seal, I would get an instant rush euphoria. It was a bigger pleasure than actually consuming the cocaine itself. As I broke the seal I emptied on the glass two-thirds of the bottle. Then I prepared two equal piles of about eight grams each for Keith and myself and about four grams for Ronnie.

When completed I said the following to Keith: "Keith, I would like to test you. What kind of man you are," knowing very well he would stand up to any challenge. I made two lines grabbed a straw and with swift action snorted my share of eight grams. "Now let me see if you can do that." In my entire adult life I had never seen anyone indulging in a quantity of this magnitude. Keith looked, stared, grabbed the straw and duplicated my effort with no difficulties. I passed the four grams to Ronnie saying, "You are a junior. That's all you get. Do it." He did it.

Pharmaceutical cocaine cannot be compared in any way to cocaine produced in Central or South America. It is pure does not bring on depression or lethargy. A totally different type of euphoria one of creativity exists immediately when it is absorbed by the central nervous system. There are absolutely no withdrawal symptoms.

As I passed the line to Ronnie I was ready to hit the ceiling, an enormous rush. Oh shit, what a sensation. Absolutely nothing I knew of could compare. As I offered Ronnie his line those were the last words to come out of my mouth for the next six hours. We embarked on a journey to Woodstock. (Freddie Sesler)

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