back to the crossroads

You had to be with the right people when you were taking acid, otherwise beware. Brian on acid, for example, was a loose cannon. Either he'd be incredibly relaxed and funny or he'd be one of the cats that would lead you down the bad road when the good road closes. And suddenly you're going there down the street of paranoia. And on acid you can't really control it. Why am I going into his black dot? I just don't want to go there. Let's go back to the crossroads and see if the good road opens. I want to see that flock of birds again and have a few astounding ideas for playing and find the Lost Chord. The holy grail of music, very fashionable at the time. There were a lot of Pre-Raphaelites running around in velvet with scarves tied to their knees, like the Ornsby-Gores, looking for the Holy Grail, the Lost Court of King Arthur UFOs, and ley lines. (Keith Richards)

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