ten trip ticket book

"10. Ten Trip Ticket Book. Resembling a book of tickets, excerpts from fourteen papers presented at the Berkeley Conference on LSD. Contents: Users and Abusers of LSD: Richard Blum; We Are All One: USCO; Adverse Reactions to LSD: William Frosch; A Descriptive Approach to the Psychedelic Experience: Rolf von Eckartsberg; Stability and Change in Human Intelligence and Consciousness: Frank Barron; LSD: Implications for Law Enforcement: Joseph D. Lohman; The Role of Psychedelics in Shamanism, Witchcraft, and the Vision Quest: Michael Harner; LSD and the Art of Conscious Living: Richard Alpert; LSD and the Dying Patient: Eric Kast; LSD Therapy of Alcoholism: Abram Hoffer; The Significance of Artificially Induced Religious Experience: Huston Smith; Therapeutic Uses of Ibogaine: Claudio Naranjo; The Myth About Psychedelic Drugs: Paul Lee; The Molecular Revolution: Timothy Leary." - From Aspen Magazine No. 3, The Pop Art issue, designed by Andy Warhol and David Dalston

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