Amanita muscaria

LSD # 163/300

The following types of reactions were observed

(1) Disturbed general condition, vegetative symptoms, sensory symptoms of the most varied types (2) Disturbed perception, hallucinations, particularly of an optical nature (3) Psychomotor effects, often with impulsive outbursts of anger, weeping or laughing (4) General effects of intoxication (5) Changes in the ego in the sense of depersonalization and alienation of self or surroundings ("My ego runs away from me" ... "There are two of me and I see my other self. I hear my voice but I do not recognize it.") (6) Disturbances in notion of time.

Complete terrible destruction

(1) Eyes popping out (2) Me meeting myself at a party (3) Self image–one's body a grey curved undefined blob (4) Crossed arrows or lances that do not allow one to pass (5) Partial self-image with red indicating my arm–made of many interwoven pieces of red twine or rope (6) Writhing person–a shadow of the proper self one wanted to be, now pierced with 7 (7) Flaming blue sword destroying the last of what one wanted to be (8) The hideous, mocking cold face (9) Part of a human form–female–now grotesque, as a dead, burnt, naked tree (10) Fragment of double or reflected thorn of a thistle (11) Shrubbery (12) The road to nowhere


Tesselloptic hallucinations

(A) Cerebral lesion (Kölmel, 1984). (B) LSD (Stoll, 1947). (C) Mescaline (Guttmann and Maclay, 1936a). (D and E) Patients with eye disease. (F) Teichoptic patterns integrated over time (Richards, 1971)

No Way Back

Speculative proposal for a pill to induce architecture in the mind


Acid Test

As I lay in a dazed condition with my eyes closed (I experienced daylight as disagreeably bright) there surged upon me an uninterrupted stream of fantastic images of extraordinary plasticity and vividness and accompanied by an intense, kaleidoscope-like play of colors. This condition gradually passed off after about two hours. (Albert Hofmann, 1943)
Look at Venice. This city appears like a vision contrived under drug influence. Yet had its builders been drug eaters, they would have never managed the energy to build it. They would have merely dreamed about the city, and would have remained idle on their mud flats. (Friedrich Hundertwasser)

The paper in front of me turned into a room in which I became lost

I imagined myself as a giant penis launching off from the earth like a spaceship. (Cary Grant, 1962)

Knives as long as trajectories

"I seemed to be in a world of healthy, chubby little babies' legs and diapers, and smeared in blood, a sort of general menstrual activity taking place. It did not repel me as such thoughts used to." (Cary Grant, 1962)


Turmoil in a Capsule

exploding threat

A typical withdrawal into self contemplation

in the quiet of that room

"We are all unconsciously holding our anus." (Cary Grant)




Her body rises into the light from the realm of darkness, cemeteries, coffins, and candles; her arms reaching to embrace the sun, her head melting into the transcendental source. (Dr. Stanislav Grof)


Following the ego death

An ecstatic experience of divine epiphany following the ego death. She felt flooded with transcendental love and a light of indescribable radiance; her deep feelings of alienation dissolved and for the first time in her life she had the feeling that she 'belonged'. (Dr. Stanislav Grof)

The final stages

The volcanic ecstasy characterizing the final stages of the death rebirth process (BPM III), where agony and pleasure fuse in an inextricable amalgam. (Dr. Stanislav Grof)

42 USC §1996a

A healthy decision


A remedy to cure anguish and wrath

Death trip