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Maxine Sanders by Ramonllull


altered states


Acid speaking

Painkillers, iodine, lighter fluid, and industrial cleaning oil

'It was given its reptilian name because its poisonous ingredients quickly turn the skin scaly. Krokodil addicts are disturbing in the extreme. Flesh goes grey and peels away to leave bones exposed. People literally rot to death.'

[The Independent.co.uk]


[1004kg Ketamine seizure]
'Some people are just better high.' –Justin Timberlake

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you see that car down there?


ghetto freaks

To take the man's poontang, don't miss Ghetto Freaks!

Ghetto Freaks is a mother of a film. They tried to stop it, censor it, water it down but it didn't happen baby, the man lost. Ghetto Freaks comes on strong and tells it like it is. A ghetto commune where color doesn't stop the freaks from doing their weird, shocking initiation rites, night after night.

They were wild, free and beautiful. And they all did the weird bidding of a black leader. He took the man's woman, and made them all sisters, and they kept begging for more. A sweet, funky black chick is all he wanted, but a freaked out white chick in a dashiki blew his mind.

This is where it's happening, baby, in the main city, and the main thing is getting your thing on, no matter what. Do it! Ghetto Freaks makes you want to do it right now. Ghetto Freaks isn't a film about how to show the man your ass, but what to do with his.

Groupies, long hairs and jesus freaks all under one roof and they raised hell, and when the going got rough and the bread short, they put the chicks on the street and brought all their money to the leader, the head freak.

He was a saint to this family of freaked out sex-starved white chicks, and he showed them how to get their kicks where their cracker lovers left off. Shake it, fake it, but MAKE it baby. Do your thing - and make the man think you're doing his.

They were busted, beaten, taken down town, and that's where the black chicks made you proud you're black. Then they busted out of Harlem and set the city on a freaked-out, sex-starved weekend that ended in blood, crime and murder. Ghetto Freaks is the picture that explodes on the screen with the shocking, brutal facts of taking over a white commune and turning all the brothers into black sex saviors.

If you want to see a film that will make you come alive when you step out on the street, a film that makes every sensuous part of you react with a new sensation, don't miss Ghetto Freaks. See Ghetto Freaks and feast your eyes on some of the grooviest out-of-sight commune chicks and their sex-starved commune brothers.

Every society chick wanted to join his family just to get in on the integrated action. Blue eyed devils didn't mess with this brother's thing, or they'd find their ass hung high and waving at the goddamed breeze. That's right, baby, they didn't let anything stop them in the man's take from the blacks and use for their white ass's world. Don't miss Ghetto Freaks coming to this theater, with full approval from the Third World.

the leary papers

“The first time I took psilocybin — 10 pills — was in the fireside social setting in Cambridge,” Ginsberg wrote in a blow-by-blow description of his experience taking synthesized hallucinogenic mushrooms at Leary’s stately home. At one point Ginsberg, naked and nauseated, began to feel scared, but then “Professor Leary came into my room, looked in my eyes and said I was a great man.”

* * *

“How about contributing to my next prose masterpiece by sending me (as you sent Burroughs) a bottle of SM pills,” Kerouac wrote Leary, referring to psilocybin. “Allen said I could knock off a daily chapter with 2 SMs and be done with a whole novel in a month.”

* * *

After trying Leary’s magical pink pills Arthur Koestler told his host the next day that they were not for him: “I solved the secret of the universe last night, but this morning I forgot what it was.”

["New York Public Library Buys Timothy Leary's Papers"]



Drug traffickers in Mexico have been abducting bus passengers and forcing them to fight each other like gladiators with the winners being ordered to become assassins, a drug trafficker tells the Houston Chronicle. The fights, initiated by members of the Zetas cartel, are called "Who's going to be the next hitman?" said the trafficker, who agreed to talk to the Chronicle on condition of anonymity. The gladiators use machetes, hammers and sticks. "They cut guys to pieces," the paper quotes the trafficker as saying. The winners are sent by the Zetas on suicide missions to shoot up the territory of rivals, the trafficker told the Chronicle. The losers end up in mass graves.

acid in full swing

“Fuck, I wish you guys could see what I’m seeing. It’s like, a beach and the sun in the back of that guy’s head. It’s… beautiful.”



exotic highs of a connoisseur

Mushrooms + Syrian Rue + N,N-DMT + Nitrous Oxide + Ketamine

The Ketamine experience overpowered what was left of the previous high but was pleasantly enhanced having a wider range of feelings than on Ketamine alone. I was semi-consciously aware of my body chanting and moving about during part of this time.

LSD + Ketamine + N,N-DMT

The DMT produced its usual effects but seemed to be diminished in intensity by the lingering Ketamine. The same amounts of N,N-DMT taken on LSD alone would have produced much intenser experiences. I no longer use DMT with Ketamine.

LSD + Syrian Rue + N,N-DMT + 5-MeO-DMT + Nitrous Oxide + Cannabis

This combination felt absolutely beautiful. In comparison with a typical LSD trip there was vastly more space or information to explore, and it felt infused with a spiritual quality.

LSD + Ludiomil + Nitrous Oxide (+ Ketamine)

This combination intensifies the LSD experience and also produces intense dream activity in the subsequent nights.The Ludiomil took effect some 15 minutes after ingesting, and the change was quite apparent. It intensified the acid high and produced what I'll describe as a "platinum plated" acid trip. It was as though every perception and thought were coated with a silverish translucent light. I described this in the LSD chapter as a "thin invisible membrane between myself and anything my senses touched upon."

The most spectacular part of this journey came later when I took a balloon of nitrous oxide. I have tried nitrous with virtually every psychedelic and every combination. I thought I knew the limits of the nitrous experience and was quite unprepared for the remarkable transformation that took place. I can only describe it as a totally hilarious, melting through the bottom of the universe as it all came swirling down into me. The "melting" sensation of this experience was most distinct from the common nitrous high.

In my third experiment with this combination I took the Ludiomil five hours prior to the LSD. This produced significantly more dream activity during subsequent nights than when I'd ingested the Ludiomil after the LSD. This trip also allowed me to take a closer look at the "membrane" between my mind and what I perceived. On this occasion I saw the membrane as a spongy, or even spring-loaded barrier, between my mind and the world. It seems as though Ludiomil functions by creating a time-delay buffer zone which prevents rapid responses and changes in the mind.

LSD + Ketamine

This experience took place while I was backpacking in Death Valley. I had been closely observing some small lizards which move at an amazing speed in the hot desert sun. In trying to synchronize with a lizard's mind, it was quite apparent that its time sense, as well as the flow of information from its sense organs to its responding muscles, was worlds apart from that of a human. Then, while hiking in a canyon, I noticed what appeared as webbing strewn across the canyon walls. Upon looking closer this turned out to be a harder material than the rock below eroding at a slower pace and standing out in ridges of web-shaped formations. It appeared to have been created during volcanic eruptions of molten minerals at the time the mountains were formed. The canyon, cutting ever deeper into the mountain's side, was revealing the history of the terrain.

As I sat back to rest and closed my eyes, my visual sphere became filled with visions of desert animals like snakes and scorpions, images which are typical of a session in the desert. The next vision that appeared was a distinct image of a saber tooth tiger. I thought of early humans who were hunted by such animals, and the strength of the impression this must have made on the minds of my ancient ancestors. This train of thought progressed and I saw large, hairy, bear-like forest animals who probably left similar impressions on the species consciousness. As my mind progressed further back in time I began to see creatures of the dinosaur era which in ancient times had roamed the ground I was now resting on.

By the time the full moon was high in the sky I had hiked to the salt flats and administered Ketamine while at the lowest elevation in the United States. I felt that I became part of the earth and penetrated to levels deep within the "mind" of the planetary consciousness. Becoming part of the earth's spirit is something frequently experienced by myself and others while on Ketamine.

2C-B + Mushrooms (+ Ketamine)

2C-B + Mushrooms is the first psychedelic combination I tried that does not work. I felt as though a mesh of interference patterns was placed before my awareness, obscuring all thought and perception. It seemed like the 2C-B and mushrooms were trying to alter my consciousness in opposing directions, and they frustrated each other's efforts. I also had a feeling that I was hexed, that there was some force preventing me from venturing into an expanded state of awareness.

This general feeling of confinement and oppression led to negative thoughts and feelings, producing the longest lasting and most unpleasant psychedelic trip I've had in years. It felt like a serious slap in the face, an infusion of the states of mind and reality tunnels that some of life's less fortunate people have to endure.

I finally emerged from my tripping room and went up to my living room to put on some music. There I was startled to see a large black spider on the center cf my polished marble coffee table. It took less than a moment for me to realize that this was an omen, as I've rarely seen spiders of this size in the area I live, and never on the center of the coffee table that I built by hand. Omens that I've received in the past have included a bat flying into my home on halloween.

2C-B + Ketamine

With a smaller dose of Ketamine I do not go on the Ketamine journey, but the relaxed immersion in flowing psychedelic mental fireworks is most enjoyable. When used with 2C-B, the Ketamine recovery period is also diminished, with ease of movement, no feeling of nausea, and sometimes incredible physical energy. I have frequently emerged from the Ketamine journey and immediately begun dancing about like a whirling dervish, or assuming yogic asanas where intense subtle energies were traversing and harmonizing within my body.


we roamed the city in the fog

Who on SDR has eaten RAW Crystal LSD.

I have, and i'm just wondering who else around has.

I did it with friends at the Merry Time Hall during a Wailers show back in 96. We had a bindle of about 1000/1500 mcg worth of LSD. We poured the crys into a juicy juice and shared it amongst our self's (there was five of us). What a trip I had. The Brother Hood of Light was there doing the lighting and oil projections. The entire interior of the hall was washed in multi colored oil projections which were done by several guys (who look as high as me and my friends) on over head projectors and were manipulating the bowls of oil and water by hand. There was also some cool screens going with video visuals. And the sound was fucking intense, there was literally more bass bins there then at a lot of the raves I've been too. I swore for a minute (or two) that Bunny Wailer was Bob Marley.

after wards we roamed the city in the fog. One of the best nights of my life.

If any of you have any stories of which contain the use of a shit load of acid or rare psychedelics that will be cool to hear too.

tripping on the symbol of money

Did my first blotter in Berlin.
Went to a club totally fucked up.
Got into a line with a bill in my hands tripping on the symbol of money.
Flipped out.
Pulled myself together
had the time of my life.

I think you just have to be in the mood. Let yourself flow. Music unites everyone !
Go for it. Enjoy the ride (don't forget this)


Honestly the first time I did LSD I was 15 and at a rave. I had an AMAZING AND MAGICAL AND WONDERFUL TIME!!! The LSD was called snowman, and it was really potent. I had long black hair that week and was always sullen, then a week later I had bright green hair and baggy pants on and spent the next 10 years seeking out as much LSD as I could find.

I knew I had found my 'destiny' at that point.

to spread the love.

Just so yall know, it is possible to have a terrific time on LSD at a rave.

where them pretty rave girls:)

New to SD and looking for the pretty rave girls. If yr one hit me up I'm chase post yr pic so I can see ya! Haha I am looking for a fun girl to chill with at raves and rave parties.

Or even if your a homie and know of the rave scene hit me uup

I love glowstick lights shows orbitals and strings are sick.

Dubstep and techno are tooo insane!

Best raves so far benny, armin van buren, DEADMAU5

Get at me!

LSD at Rave to 5 Who Died

"I was selling the snow cones they ate, and right after they ate my snow cones, they plunged to their deaths," Hugh "Scottie" McLetchie was quoted as saying.

alice in acidland


I live for drugs. it's great. I am the white rabbit.

I Sit On Acid


tabs, trips, blotters, microdots


love? I don't think about it - I make it

Hamilton Morris: The truth behind mephedrone

[excerpted from an interview with Hamilton Morris - full transcript available in the forthcoming Acid Age print journal]

AA: Some of your articles cover quasi-legal drugs produced by underground labs. What do you know about Dave Llewellyn and mephedrone?

HM: Llewellyn’s Alchemy Labz website was a well-designed scam. He broke every rule about how you’re supposed to sell designer drugs including the cardinal rule, you must de-emphasize the possibility of human consumption. Mephedrone was packaged as plant food, JWH-018 as bonsai growth enhancer, various alkyl nitrites as head cleaner and so forth. The Llewellyn crew poached their designer drug menu from various online chemistry and pharmacology forums. They even put a methylphenidate analog called ethylphenidate on the list after I wrote about its potential as a novel stimulant. Llewellyn sent me a moldy bag of supposed ethylphenidate that was nothing but wet flower. Then the Daily Mail published his warning against naphyrone, which was a red-herring and part of an elaborate meta-scam to draw attention away from all of the supposed new chemicals he was selling.

AA: I saw that. I didn’t know the background of the story but I smelled something fishy right away. It was clear he was trying to scare everyone about a drug in order to present his own products as the safe alternative.

HM: The fact is that no one knows what “NRG-1” is – any batch you get could be anything. In Spring 2010, because of the mephedrone scare, the British media was hungry for stories about novel designer drugs. So, and this is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done, I contacted a journalist and told him that I had invented a drug that was a combination of cubane and mephedrone called “Hypercube.” But then I got uncomfortable when they believed me and called me on the phone to cover the story.

AA: What brought about the mephedrone phenomenon, with chemists reconfiguring the recipe to stay ahead of the law?

HM: All these designer drugs and quasi-legal highs are more prevalent in Europe precisely because the laws are different. In the US thousands of substances are in a grey area and the DEA can selectively prosecute using the Federal Analog Act. In order to circumvent these laws vendors throw completely novel structures onto the market with no regard for their customers.

AA: If the US has the Federal Analog Act, how does this affect someone like Alexander Shulgin, who keeps producing endless variants on MDMA?

HM: Well Shulgin only explores novel compounds, and each new molecular entity is a complete unknown regardless of its structural similarity to a lead compound like MDMA or DMT. Shulgin does not research psychedelics but rather antidepressants, should one of his putative antidepressants possess a psychedelic effect he characterizes it, discontinues research, and moves on. Additionally the DEA know if they arrested him how bad it would make them look, imprisoning this kindly old scientist, it would cause an outrage. Lastly, Shulgin has never directly profited off his drugs, which is key.

["Hamilton's Pharmacopeia" appears monthly in VICE magazine]

Chemical monologue


Love Needs Honesty.

I first saw the bunnies on the subway a couple weeks ago on my way to work. Impossibly long-eared, they stared down at me, the text around them commanding me: “Look into my eyes! Bunnies never lie!” The rest of the anti smoking ad resembled a third-grader’s conception of cuteness: multi-colored hearts everywhere, vines crawling up the sides, and birds emitting music notes and tweets inside yet more hearts. After seeing it on a few different trains, I sent an email to the address listed on the ad. The advertiser and designer turned out to be G Mailit Creations, a one-man company run by Alfred Brotter, an 82-year-old Bronx native who made a bunch of money in real estate and is now living in Florida.

VICE: Was that subway ad your idea, or were you just the agent for someone who wanted to put it up?

Alfred Brotter: I had been studying various philosophies, mostly Richard Wetherill and his humanetics, and he claims that the human mind cannot be penetrated from the front of the brain, it’s clogged up with too much stuff. Most anti smoking campaigns connect to the front of the brain and the important message never penetrates to the brain center receptors—and a receptor message must also connect to the back of the brain. The G Mailit creation does just that. Love, honor, mortality, happiness— when all four are targeted to a habitual smoker, can it be easily dismissed?

It’s very difficult because a person who smokes is a smoking person. In order for that person to stop smoking you have to murder the smoking person. I was a smoker and I didn’t want my kids to smoke so I stopped. I knew if I smoked my kids would smoke. Usually if two parents don’t smoke its very unlikely that the children will smoke.

About eight million lives are lost worldwide by smokers. Translated into languages everywhere, I believe the message and focus on this anti smoking creation could prove responsible for saving at least one million persons’ lives, or for having five million persons retain their much-needed loved ones.

The question is, will Michael Bloomberg want to buy this thing? He could distribute it worldwide in many languages—the question is how to approach him about it. I wrote a letter to him hoping his office would give me a call and I could fly to New York and talk to him.



Acid Thunder (Fast)

"American Gigolo is a film about surfaces, about a man who lives on the surface, who can’t look into himself, who takes cocaine in order to get dressed." (Paul Schrader)

Rush rush to the yeyo